Christmas in Utah

Ok, still working on catching up, so far behind! Finally on to Christmas in Utah. This post will be a novel, but if you don't feel like reading, feel free to just watch the little vlog we put together! It's one of my favorite videos I have ever edited together! 

It's sad how long it had been since we had seen lots of Dave's family! I am so glad we managed to be there and catch up with lots of people. There were still lots of people we missed out on seeing, hopefully, it won't be too long till we get to visit again! Or if y'all want to enjoy some yummy tacos and BBQ you are always welcome to visit! We officially have our guest room all decorated and ready to go! Maybe I will share some photos of it soon...

We told Dave's family we were flying in late Wednesday night, but we actually flew in late Tuesday night. Dave's dad usually is up late, so we were pretty sure he would be up even though we didn't come until about 1. And sure enough, luckily he still was awake. I think we gave him quite the scare! If you haven't seen the video, you have to check it out, it's so funny! 

In the morning we went to see the new Provo temple. When we were first married we lived just a couple blocks away and made our way over once we saw the dark plumes of smoke. So sad to see such a beautiful building, entirely hollowed by fire. I love how little of it they changed, but it has such a different and special spirit now, different from any other temple. It made me think, that while sin can hollow us out, leaving us broken and empty, the Gospel of Christ, our Savior and His gift of the Atonement can heal and restore us, making us even better than we were before. A really special place! 

Then we got breakfast at Gandolfo's. I forgot how amazing that place was! I used to go there all the time with my dad in the mornings. It was the best treat if he was willing to drive me early there and then drop me off to school. Such fond memories. If you are living in Utah and don't know what amazingness a breakfast sandwich from Gandolfo's is, you are seriously missing out! GO, NOW! I always got their Upstate. Oh their bread is so good. Seriously, I am salivating just thinking about it.

We spent the day with family, seeing the cute new house Julie, Dave's sister and her family are building. It's crazy to think this was our first time meeting her youngest, Daniel! He is so cute! And was quite intrigued with Uncle Dave's beard! (see video!)

That afternoon I went to visit my Grandparents. They are all buried in the same cemetery. It did make me a little sad that I hadn't been able to see my Mom's parents before their passing since we had moved out of the state. But it's comforting to know I will see them again.

That night we celebrated "baby" Blake's birthday who really isn't so much a baby anymore! I think he is 7 now! So crazy! Mom made an awesome Star Wars cake for him! Mom has been making some really fun and pretty cakes! I told her she needs to start selling them!

The next morning I woke up early to try to get some shots of our temple, the Timpanogos Temple. I wished we had had time for a session! Always will be my favorite place, especially early in the morning. Just before we moved, Dave was working very close to there. Since we only had one car I would drive him to work and then head to work myself, but I usually had a couple hours to kill. I would often park at our temple and read my scriptures or just watch the sunrise behind the temple. So pretty.

After that I got to see my best girlie Michelle Belle, see her cute new house and enjoy breakfast at Kneaders! I'm so glad I got to visit with her and catch up! Love you girlie!

That afternoon Dave and I had a few last Christmas gifts to get so we went to City Creek (it was SO CRAZY! No surprise) but it I love that mall! It's seriously such a beautiful mall. Just as the sun set it started to snow as we walked over to see the lights at the temple come on. It was honestly magical! I honestly teared up realizing how much I had missed it. If we ever move back to Utah I want to live in downtown SLC! There is something so special about that place. 

We wanted to go to Red Iguana for dinner but the wait was over an hour! We were starving and were pretty ready to get out of the city, so we decided to try Cubbie's on the way home. SO GOOD! One of the best burgers I have probably ever had. And their buffalo blue cheese fries are to die for. 

The next day we got lunch at DP Cheesesteaks. (Yes, I realize this post is 90% about food. Don't judge me.) You may recall when we were living in VA and took a trip to Philly. We've been on the hunt for authentic Philly Cheesesteaks. NOWHERE has come even close. Except DP Cheesesteaks. They are so spot on. Honestly, oh my gosh, they are like straight out of Philly. But without having to deal with the insane crowds! Utah, you are so lucky to have DP Cheesesteaks. Killer food and always the friendliest service. Dave's all time favorite place. Get the mushroom pepper with whiz! Trust me. 

The next day was Christmas day! It was a fun day spent with family. We got quite a lot of snow in the night, the roads were a little scary! Living in Texas I worried I would really miss snow and winter weather. But after being in Utah and being reminded what it's like to deal with icy and snowy roads, scraping ice off our windshield, I'm pretty happy to not have to deal with it in Texas! That afternoon I got to visit my aunt, uncle, and cousins. Their new neighborhood has quite the view of Utah lake! That evening Dave's family got together to play games. It's always so crazy and fun! 

One of our last days we went with the family to see Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them. I couldn't believe the crowds at the movie theater! It was an absolute mad house! Nomi our niece had been told it was a Harry Potter movie, so she kept asking throughout the movie "I want to watch a Harry Potter movie!" Haha. 

After the movie, we had some empanadas and did a delayed birthday celebration for Dave. His mom made this awesome cake that looked like a tree stump with a checkered pattern on the inside! 

The next day I was able to visit my cousin Britney and her adorable family. I was so glad to finally get to meet her sweet baby girl Addie! Such a doll!

Our last day we did lunch with a few of Dave's siblings. I forgot how much I missed Rubio's! That place has some of the best shrimp tacos! Our copycat recipe is almost as good, almost. That evening a bunch of family met as at Cubby's for one last meal before we hit the road for the airport! 

That's pretty much all, we just spent lots of time visiting with family and eating yummy foods. There are so many people we missed out on seeing! We hope to come back soon when the weather is still warm so we don't have to deal with snow and ice! We just bought a guest bed and it's welcome to anyone who wants to come for a visit! We would love to have you! Bravo if you actually read this long novel!

Here's the little vlog from the trip! Honestly probably one of my favorite videos I have made!

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