March 21 - March 22, 2017

Oh man, I'm so behind.... Back in March we took a quick trip to Dallas continuing our tradition of seeing Flogging Molly almost every March.

We drove through Waco on our way up. There was really no parking options, so Dave just dropped me off. I really just wanted to grab something from the new bakery that opened there but the line wrapped around the building and apparently a lot of things were already sold out, on a Tuesday at 11! It was pretty insane. I just walked through really quick, I couldn't believe how busy it was. I even saw a guy purpose to his girlfriend! I would probably go there again, but I would want to go as early as possible, get there right at opening. I can't even imagine what it's like on the weekend! They had a few food trucks, one that had gourmet grilled cheese, but they were also sold out of a lot of items and had crazy long lines so we decided to go to a nearby Rudy's (BBQ).

 Before checking into our hotel we decided to drive up to the Dallas temple. Quite a unique temple, and the softest, greenest grass ever!

We arrived in Dallas in the afternoon and checked into our hotel, relaxed for a few hours, then took a Lyft over to the House of Blues for the concert. It was one of the coolest venues we have been in. I need to figure out how to get a press pass to concerts so I can bring in my big camera, hahaha.

We bowed out just a bit early to avoid the crowds and get a bite to eat, since we hadn't had dinner before. It was a Tuesday (I know, odd day for a concert) so not many things were open, but there was a fun little diner across the street. Their menu was huge, it was hard to decide what to get, but we both enjoyed what we got.

The next day we went north to see a friend of Dave's from high school. We went to lunch and he invited us to iFly, where he works. He let us fly around for free, so nice of him! I was pretty hesitant, and actually didn't plan on doing it, but after seeing some people go before us, and that they weren't just bouncing around the tunnel, out of control, I decided to give it a try. It was honestly so much fun! In all the pictures I had this big stupid grin on my face! And all the employees were so nice. We had Rex with us, and it was too hot to leave him in the car, and they were happy to let him hang out with us. Hopefully it's not too long till we can go up to visit again!

Here is a little vlog we made of the trip!

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