Christina in town

Back in mid October my little sister Christina came for a visit. It was so much fun having her in town and adventuring with her! I hope she had as much fun as I did! She is such a doll (and a bit of a dork, haha), I always love taking pictures of her.

The first day in town we just did a little bit of exploring around San Antonio. We visited the San Antonio Tea Gardens and Brackenridge Park. Apparently, October is Spring in south Texas. We had been to the Gardens before in April, but it was rather dull at that time and unimpressive. But this time it was incredibly green and lots of flowers were in bloom. (In my next post I'll talk about all the other things I discovered in bloom in October...) I would certainly say October is the best month to visit San Antonio. The weather is mild, not too terribly hot, and there are so many pretty flowers.

Next, we got some donuts. A local donut shop had donuts in honor of Pitbull Awareness month, and a "Donut Bully My Breed" donut. The donuts there are MASSIVE. Only 4 donuts can fit to a box. They have some really yummy, unique flavors.

Christina also brought me a few awesome gifts! She found an awesome shirt with a bear on it at a boutique and of course, I am so in love with it. I wear it all the time now! And these two beautiful signed prints. I have been a huge fan of this artist, Yongsung Kim, for a while now, and have really wanted to get a signed print. He does lots of signings in Utah (such a perk you Utahns get to enjoy!) I talked her and dad to go to a farmers market where he was selling signed prints and they got me a couple. They are even prettier in person. I am so happy to have them! Thank you, guys! Definitely, check out his work. Hands down my favorite Christ portraits I have ever come across. I want to buy everything he puts out!

The next day we went to Hamilton Pool Preserve. Now I will say this place was quite a bit prettier when we went back in April. Most of the trees were brown by this point. But despite the cooler weather we decided to take a dip! It wasn't open for swimming last time we came so we decided to take the opportunity. It was So Cold! But lots of fun.

This picture kills me, we both look so tired 😆 But still having fun!

Since we were only 40 minutes away, we decided to drive into Austin. Austin is such a cool city. We went to a yummy vegan restaurant, and then explored an interesting graffiti park. We should have just stayed in the city later. We started heading home during rush hour and the traffic was awful! Felt like the longest road trip ever, hahaha.

The next morning we went to our favorite farmers market! First, we went to a Boho Market that is not usually there. We got there just about 10 minutes after their supposed opening and most of the vendors still hadn't set up. It was really strange. So we decided to just go to our favorite farmers market at the Pearl. We shared some danishes and Christina said they were just as yummy of some of the ones she tried in Paris earlier this year! (The perks of being the baby of the family... Multi-week European travels...)

We decided to go back to the Boho Market, but it was still pretty quiet. So we just took a couple shots of this cute set up they had and went home.

For a mid-day treat, we got some rolled ice cream. That stuff is so yummy! If you have never had it, you have to try. I love ice cream but it's even tastier than just normal ice cream. And the shop near us always unique flavors. I am obsessed with their pecan pie!

The next day we had a yummy breakfast at Barrio Barista. Love that place! And then we decided to go check out a Flea Market which was quite strange. There were some craft type items for sale, plenty of cowboy boots, but some odd things like just like mattresses and basic things like dish and laundry detergent. It was interesting...

Next, we went to one of my favorite places, Mission San Jose. The Alamo is the most well-known mission in San Antonio, and obviously, a lot of history happened there, but there are I think five other missions to explore. Mission San Jose is huge and has my favorite architecture.

That evening we went downtown to the river walk for dinner. We ate at Casa Rio which is the oldest restaurant on the river walk! Some ducks kept harassing us hahaha, be sure to check out the video at the end to see! We have eaten at a few restaurants on the river walk and honestly, none of them have blown me away, but it's a fun experience. Heading back to the car we saw a little bit of the zombie walk parade, lots of people just dressed up as zombies walking through.

And I think Rex loved having Christina there just as much as I did, hahaha

Here is a little video I made. Such fun times! Thanks for coming to hang with us, Christina. Love you!

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