Utah {August 2017}

At the beginning of August, we hit the road again for a trip to Utah. The first day, instead of stopping in Amarillo as planned, we continued on to Colorado Springs, a 13 hour drive, arriving a little after 1am. It was quite the trek, but it honestly wasn't that bad. I love road tripping with my Bear. Fun conversation, beautiful views, and plenty of great podcasts make the time go by quite quickly.

Rex I think was the most miserable on the car ride, poor baby. This happened to be his face when we decided to continue on to Colorado Springs. Sass to the max lol

The next morning we enjoyed some yummy, massive, breakfast burritos, and then hiked around our new favorite place, Garden on the Gods. Even though we had visited only two months before, it was a treat to be able to take a little hike around there again, it's such a cool place.

We drove up to Denver, where we explore a little more before enjoying dinner with my good friend Kyla! Love that girl! We stayed the night in Denver before continuing on to Utah.

The next day we had quite the drive, 6 and half hours to Flaming Gorge. Honestly, that day of driving felt like it lasted forever! But there were some incredible views! Colorado is so amazing!

And for some odd reason, for about an hour and a half Google Maps had us on dirt roads! The other option added a near hour to our driving time. Thankfully, we survived the dirt roads without incident!

We spent the weekend camping with Dave's family there. They are always so much fun! Make sure to check out the vlog at the bottom to see footage from river rafting and cliff jumping! Can't wait to go again! I can't believe I had never been before. Utah has so many amazing places packed into it.

Sunday evening we drove to Utah Valley and arrived at my parent's new house. They have quite the amazing view!

The mountains are so rejuvenating! Even Rex hung his head out the car window with a big smile on his face while we drove up the canyon! He never does that at home! 

We spent lots of time eating all our favorite foods, visiting our old favorite places, and spending time with family and friends. We threw a little party at my parent's house. Sorry for those who weren't able to make and we weren't able to see! But thank you to all those you came!

Here are some of the yummy things we ate;

It's always impossible to fit all the yummy food in! Never enough time! Or enough space in my belly!

We began the trek home. Driving through the tiniest of towns and asking do I spy a Moroni? Sure enough, a beautiful house of the Lord in a tiny little town in the middle of nowhere in Utah. I love it.

We stopped in the night in Albuquerque, got some late night pizza before hitting the hay. The next morning we some yummy acai bowls. We had never had them before, so yummy! I've since become pretty obsessed with making them at home (in case you missed my previous post).

Our last day was long and quite uneventful, but we did stop by this cool, old chapel.

Rex, so done being on the road. Such a good boy though! While he sure looks mopey, he never whines. 

I FINALLY wrapped up our video from the trip. I've literally spent the past week working on it. One of the longest videos I have made, but I think one of my favorites! It captures a lot of the fun times we had with family! I think I almost took more video than I did pictures! Sure do miss those beautiful mountains and all our family and friends there! 

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