Dave's Birthday and Thanksgiving

 We had a relaxing day together for Dave's birthday. We went to see the new Fantastic Beasts movie and enjoyed homemade chili for dinner. I went through tons of old footage and made this little video. I am so pleased with how it turned out.


The next day I shipped Dave off to Utah for Thanksgiving. We weren't able to work things out to be able to go together, but I was glad he was able to surprise his mom after a rather invasive surgery she had to undergo! (She is doing much better thankfully!)

This is how my family greeted Dave at the airport... hahahaha!

"5 Days Sober" "Grandma is so proud" lolololol

Thanks to my family for driving the hubs out to his parents house to surprise his mom! She had no idea he was coming and was truly surprised! She told me so many times it was the best gift she has ever been given! Here is the video Dave filmed surprising her! Seriously the sweetest video!


I began to set up our Christmas decor. Still love these DIY dollar store ornament garments I made!

Thanksgiving day I spent with our good friends here in Texas. They are seriously some of the nicest, most generous people I have ever met. They made me feel so welcomed even when I was so far from home. Save for missing being with Dave, it was honestly the best day. They had recently had a custom picnic table built and we all spent the entire day eating and talking and playing outside. They even ordered BBQ from the famous Salt Lick! It was the perfect Texas Thanksgiving!

To the end the day Monica even pulled out all her fixings for a hot chocolate bar! She is the best!

And I spent the next few days just quietly relaxing with Rexy boy! Poor Dave got stuck with a delayed flight coming home and didn't land till like 4:30 Monday morning, but he had a fun time visiting his family!

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