September 2019

 September was such a fun final month of the summer. We enjoyed lots of trips to the lake, soaking up every last bit of sun! 

My cousin and her hubby got to come and enjoy some of the fun times SA has to offer! We packed it with so much fun and it was a treat catching up with them. Come again for more fun anytime you two!!


Dave, unfortunately, missed out on all the fun due to needing to fly out last minute for his Grandfather's funeral. We were sad to miss him, but I am really glad he was able to be together with his family in North Carolina. Here are some of his thoughts on the trip;

"I felt peace and experienced many spiritual feelings that are sacred to me while I was in North Carolina for my grandfather’s funeral. While it was a sad time saying goodbye to him, for a time, I know that the Lord has designed a plan that will bring us together again. How grateful I am for this time of year to hear the voices of the Lord’s anointed Prophet and Apostles during General Conference. Their message, that we should strive to focus our hearts and minds on our Redeemer, and to emulate His behavior. My grandfather loved the Lord, and served his family and those around him. I am grateful for the peace and comfort I felt, as with my family we mourned and celebrated the life of David Eugene Cavanaugh. Three years ago I had the pleasure to interview my grandparents, there my grandfather expressed tender love for his mother. I know that at his passing she was there to greet him, among other family members awaiting his departure from this life similar to how we celebrate the birth of a child. I know that no greater peace can come than from that of our Heavenly Father’s Plan of Salvation. The Lord gave his life so that we may repent of our sins and return to Him, and our families. “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13

My grandfather did just this as he strove daily to provide for those he loved and cared for. I am grateful to have known him and for the example of service and sacrifice that he was to me and my family. I pray that I can honor him who’s name I bear. I love you Pa pa."


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