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Catching Up

Lots of random little things going on over the past few months.

I've been obsessed with making dumplings, we make them all the time! If you missed the post with that recipe you have to check it out! I also will be sharing a recipe for hot and spicy wonton soup soon!

At the beginning of May we bought a new car! I miss driving our zippy little Hyundai, but it's so nice to have a lot more space and have a taller car. Now I don't feel like I'm going to be crushed by all the big trucks on the Texas roads!

And isn't the interior so lovely!?

I took a short trip to Georgia to help my sister in moving. I helped drive her and her two girls from Georgia to their new home in Virginia. It was good to see my nieces, they are so cute! I kept calling them "honey" and Rose started calling me "honey" back, it was so funny...

Thanks to mom for making me my yearly birthday pie! It was nice not having to make it for myself, hahaha. It was a little surreal saying goodbye to my parent's house since they are moving to UT in a matter of weeks!

I flew home on my birthday and had a relaxing afternoon with Dave. A few different friends from church came by to bring me treats, flowers, and a balloon. I am so grateful for all the good friends I have here in Texas to help me feel so loved!

I've done lots of photo shoots lately and it's fun feeling my love of photography reignite! If only it wasn't so bloody hot in Texas and without so many mosquitos! It's still been fun taking clients again! Here are just a few of my recent favorites. You can see more on my Facebook page.

Up next will be a big blog post all about our amazing trip to Colorado! Stay tuned!

Sharing Texas with Friends

April 20th - April 24th, 2017

Back in April, my good friend Michelle and her hubby Josh came to stay with us. We had so much fun sharing Texas with them!

Our first day together we drove towards Austin to visit the Hamilton Pool Preserve. During the summer you have to make a reservation to visit since it gets so busy, but luckily we were visiting just before reservations were required, we managed to get there fairly early on a weekday so it wasn't too busy. It was a quick and pretty hike down to the falls and we were all amazed by how beautiful it was! Sadly they weren't allowing swimming that day, but luckily it wasn't too hot and it was still really pretty to walk around. Plus it was nice to take pictures and not have to edit people out of the water, hahaha! I need to make a reservation so we can go back and swim!

After that we took them to one of our all time favorite places, Rio Vista Falls to swim and slide down the falls. So much fun! After that we introduced them to some of our favorite Texas BBQ, Rudy's!

The next day we drove downtown for the farmers market at Pearl, our favorite Saturday morning activity! And then we dropped by the San Antonio temple. In the afternoon we went to see a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse, so obsessed with that place!

Our last full day with them, we went downtown again to explore the Riverwalk, which was actually our first time there! We took a boat tour which was really fun, I highly recommend if you want to explore the Riverwalk! We went to see the Alamo, and then went over to my favorite mission, San Jose.

The next morning we went back downtown (luckily we only live 15 minutes away!) and went to breakfast at the charming Guenther house. We then stopped over at the Tower of the Americas. We got stuck up there for a little bit! There were two elevators to take down but neither of them would open up! I called the front desk and luckily they were able to open them up right away.

After that I drove them to the airport and said goodbye, so sad! Thanks so much for coming to visit Michelle and Josh! It was so much fun to have you!

I also made a little video from the weekend! Loving making these little family "vlogs" documenting our adventures!

Mustang Island

April 1st - April 2nd, 2017

Since we moved to Texas I have been wanted to go camping on the beach which I read about being able to do here at Mustang Island. In early April we finally decided to go! Before heading down we decided to go the Scottish Festival that was going on not far from us. As usual, when we go to Scottish Festivals it was a pretty rainy day (at this point we should have just nixed the camping idea, but it seemed that every time we wanted to go camping, the weather wasn't ideal, but we continued on....) We had some really yummy Scottish food, I got a banger with cabbage, and Dave enjoyed some of the best haggis he has ever had. We got some kettle corn and went home to get Rex, load up the car and hit the road.

Luckily it's not too far of a drive, just shy of 3 hours. It was pretty gloomy upon arrival, very cloudy. We were both surprised at how barren it was. It wasn't like any sort of beach town we had been to before and was honestly pretty ugly. It was pretty much a ghost town (another red flag that the weather wasn't ideal!). We found a cute little shop to get some dinner. Since we had Rex we had to sit outside. The food was out pretty quickly because we were literally the only customers there. I got shrimp tacos and Dave had Ruben, both were really yummy. They had a huge menu, I'd love to try them again!

 It was really windy and things kept trying to blow away, we had to keep a tight hold on our napkins. The restaurant was at the end of a strip mall with a few other places. A bar next door was getting ready to open, employees were walking past us from the parking lot. One girl was walking in and I wasn't really paying attention to what happened but I saw she started looking around on the ground near the parking lot, talking on the phone, sounding very panicked. She went into the restaurant and came back out with a few coworkers, at this point she was very emotional and distressed.

From what she said to her coworkers, we gathered that she had $500 and it had slipped out of her hand and blown away. I sat there debating what to do. Should we go help? Should I ask to pray with them? I decided to just say a prayer to myself. Not even 30 seconds later, she exclaimed saying she had found the money! Dave then said, "That's some divine intervention right there." And I said, "Yeah, I literally just finished saying a prayer." I have often thought back on that moment in times when I'm not sure what to do, I am reminded, did I think to pray? How blessed we are to have that connection to our Father in Heaven who is always ready and willing to help us!

We went back to the state park to get our tent set up. It was so crazy and a little scary to drive on the beach! I'm so glad we didn't get stuck! You can just drive along and find a place you would like to camp, there are not assigned places really. We went down so it was pretty secluded and began to work on setting up our tent. And here is where the disaster really began... It was SO WINDY the tent basically turned into a kite! It was such a struggle to set up our tent, which is normally the easiest tent to set up. Luckily we had enough stuff, between our sleeping bags, our clothes, and Rex's bed, the tent was weighed down it didn't try to take flight once it was set up.

Rex wasn't a fan of the water so we tied him up and went swimming, staying close so we could keep an eye on him. The waves were really fun. The waves in VA were huge and I always felt like I never had any control. In Florida, where we went, there wasn't really any waves, so this was a happy medium.

We forgot to buy wood so we couldn't do a bonfire (*sobbing*) so once the sun set we just went to bed. Rex was not very happy once the sun was gone. I don't think he likes not being able to see what is around him, so any noises in the brush made him freak out a bit and he had to stay super close to us.

It was a pretty rough night, it was so windy the tent was flapping around the entire time, I feel like I just checked my phone every hour, seeing how long it was until sunrise. I got up just at sunrise and hoped to get a pretty time-lapse, but unfortunately, it was still really foggy, so there wasn't much of a sunrise.

We cleaned up our tent, which was now very salty and sandy from the ocean spray all night, such a mess! We went to a little German bakery for breakfast, they had great reviews and were really busy. We shared a couple danishes and got a couple omelets, but the omelets were super overcooked.

We drove around a little more and explored a few other areas. But it was so strange how barren and honestly ugly it was! The weather wasn't helping, but I think it was honestly the ugliest place I have ever been hahaha! Honestly, my editing of the photos makes it look much nicer.

And then, upon getting home, we had the joy of trying to clean all the sand out of the tent, off the dog and out of the car. Such a mess! Who knows if I will ever convince Dave to give camping on the beach another try.... hahaha! Oh well, good or bad, it's always an adventure!

We made a little vlog of the trip so feel free to check that out!