Kite Flying

On the day of Whitney's wedding (11-14-08) I was driving home from school and helping Whitney and Michelle. Since I'd be driving them both to the wedding, I cleaned out my car all nice. On my way home I took that road that goes through the ranches. As I came down the hill into those empty fields I could see a kite being flown. Turns out it was my dad at that random soccer field that they just put along that road. I joined him and we flew his kite. And it's not a dinky little kid kite; it's a ten foot long beast, especially if the wind is strong. You have to hold two ropes, one in each hand and steer them. If you're good, you can do fancy tricks and stuff with it. They have a strong pull. They drag me around. Once Matt was flying one and I watched it drag him on his but. It's not just some easy thing.

Look at the stance I'm in! They really do have quite a pull!

In our living room we have this album full of pictures of us and the Shepard's flying kites. Check out this one of Brook I scanned in!

And here is a video of me flying the kite. The wind is kinda bad, but at one point it pulls me forward and I squeal and then laugh.

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