The Convenience of Having a Camera

So I'm sitting in one of my classes the other day (11-20-08) and my teacher is called down to the office. Whateve not really a big deal. Then a whole bunch of like hall moniter ladies come in and start hanging in our class room. And then this young, pretty good looking guy comes in holding flowers and a little black box. It was our teachers boyfriend. He makes his way to the back of the class room and takes an empty seat amongst some other students. I pull out my little poin and shoot, someone runs and gets Mr.G, the photo teacher (who is totally awesome) and he, with a camera in hand, comes in and sits with us students.
My teacher comes back in and starts talking with one of the hall mointor ladies. Then her boyfriend sneaks up behind her and.... well, lucky for me I caught it on film, so just watch the video below!

Super cute huh!!! I'm going to give it to her Monday. Maybe I'll get extra credit! (fingers crossed)

That was a sweet day. I saw that, got paid then went and spent $46 bucks at target. What on? 2 cute bras (super cute) new PJs, 2 long sleeved shirts, AND A black DRESS!!! Totally awesome.

And every other Thursday, or every pay day, we (the Legacy Center Front Desk Staff) have a staff meeting. Here are some pictures of cute little Sam B. goofing around before the meeting.


  1. Hey I am Jamie from the ward. You do amazing camera work! I love that video, especially the part where she hits him at the end as all the girls run up to see the ring!! She will be so glad you caught that and better give you extra credit!! ;)

  2. You need to tell me you have these posted. I just found them and started laughing. He broke the microwave today so i am not feeling like he is all that cute.