A little behind in posts but I have a good excuse. Grandma died (Dad's mom). And what came as a result of that was us last minute making space for grandpa to move in and as a result of that I got behind in school, and a number of other things. So here we are, going back a while, to thanksgiving.

Most years we do thanksgiving at our house. We only have the grandparents and sometimes uncles on moms side come and that's it. But this year, mom's sister and family moved back to Utah. They've lived around and about in the east since I was like nine or something. It's been a while. But now they have this nice big house and we went there. Which was nice cause then we didn't have to worry about making food.

Since Grandpa Schmidt was now alone, he came up with us. He seemed to enjoy it. Here are the pictures I took while we were there.

Aunt Rachel ^

Grandpa Pugh

Shoefly pie for Grandpa Schmidt. His fave.

David had this thing with trying to mess up my pictures but he wasn't all that successful.

Britt and Em

This is all blury but it's one of my fave.

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