Seven Peaks

On Friday I went to Seven Peaks with Matt, Some of his friends, Megan and her friend. We were there all day. We all got a little sun burnt, but had lots of fun.

We really like the pink slide (Shotgun falls) and the blue one to the right (Cave in)

Megans' not boyfriend (wink wink)

And what happens when you take Bag Balm to Seven Peaks?

It's a huge mess, that's what it is. That yellow stuff? Yeah, that's Bag Balm as a liquid. Ug.

But all in all, I had fun.

Find a Fairy

It was Jessica's Birthday the 13th. She had a small party with a few of her friends. The theme was fairies, so they dressed up like fairies and we had activities for them.
I printed out a bunch of pictures of fairies and hid them so they had to find them. Then they got to make some book marks.
And Mom helped them make wands with flowers and ribbon. I think they had fun.

Christina tried to match this fairy - I think she did a pretty good job.

7-30-08 Young Womens

After swimming, I went to Sister Vehar's house for an activity. Despite how unlikely it seems, she is a huge Guitar Hero fan and is crazy amazing at it. So that's what we did.

It was fun. An evening filled with laughing and squealing - mainly from Molly.

This Summer

This summer, now that I have a car, I've taken the girls swimming a lot. We've all gotten really tan because of it, (cheer) at least, pretty tan. We usually go to the Lehi outdoor pool. Jessica jumped off the diving board her first time there and found she can swim decently well. We're still working on Christina.

On Wednesday, the 30th, we drove up to the Schmidt grandparents. We had planned to go swimming with Grandpa, but he got sick. He had been so excited. He was sooo bummed. So we just visited them.

The girls still wanted to swim, so we went to the Lehi pool on our own.

This is how Christina's hands looked when it was all over with. = /