George and Polly

So, for my creative writing class I had to write a fictional short story basically on anything of my choice. Because Grandma died, things have been hectic, and the short story kinda slipped my mind. It was due after Christmas break. So, I whipped something up really quick for a rough draft of the beginning so I had something for that assignment to turn in. What I wrote was the story of how my Grandma and Grandpa Schmidt met. And yeah, I know it's not really fiction.

On New Years Eve I wrote the rest of the story. It came out to be about ten pages. I typed it up, printed it out, and gave it to my parents to read and Megan and I left to watch Twilight. The next morning, Megan and I left early and picked up our cousin Britney and a friend and went out, shopped, watched Australia, and ate at Paradise Bakery.

While we were are our cousins house, my mom called. She said, "You made him read and cry."

Grandpa wakes up early most days. That morning he had gone down and was eating his frosted flakes that he always eats each morning at the table. On the table was the story I had wrote. His late wife's name caught his eye and he read the whole thing (and he doesn't read well, so he normally doesn't read). He's read it about four times. He says he loves it and that I had put a lot of stuff that had actually happened without even knowing it.

If you so wish, you can read the story in it's entirety at my other blog;


  1. I love your blog. It is so you. So perfect. Thanks for letting me peek. Can I get your email so I can invite you to our blog? Your mom has my address or if you don't want to go through all that: Hey what do you say to doing the children's pix?? You do an awesome job and I know your mother has her hands quite full. I love what you do. I want total candid-true to the max!! Let me know what you think of that! Shelley

  2. That is cute!! I love the picture of you and your sisters in the header!

  3. question for you! DO you have a cd of all the pictures of the families you took in the ward from the ward party in Nov? For the ward party in Feb. I am trying to get pictures of the families in our ward and make a slideshow from it. If you do have the cd do you care If I borrow it? You can email me at thanks, Jamie