So Darn Cute

So, since we've been cleaning out grandparents house we've been finding all these both odd and interesting things. We also found a whole bunch of old pictures, like albums of pictures of me as a baby and Megan too. I have no doubt that we have prints of the same pictures, and more around here, but that would mean I would have to dig and find them and who has time for that, really? I think these pictures are so cute, cause I was so cute! So, here are some cause I was so darn cute. And Megan is too...

New Born Me

Oh So Cute Me = P

Baby Megan

Dad took this picture of Megan using just the light of a candle. I totally love it. Megan and I plan to try and recreate it using the older version of her (obviously).


  1. You girls are, of course, adorable! So fun to see the early years. Love you girls...hey and your mom too!..oh yeah, your dad too! WE JUST LOVE YOU ALL!!(you can hear me saying that comment can't you...what a horrifying/sp/ thought!:) Miss you ALL.


  2. Gorgeous pictures!!! I love them! And there's no mistaking that that's you in the plaid pants. So adorable.

  3. You look mischevious even in your younger years.

  4. You two are so cute, I just want to pinch your cheeks!