25 Random

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you (or just couldn't think of anyone else likely to do it).

1 - I kindof really like things like this.

2 - The only two drinks I really like are water and I'm picky about my water.And chocolate milk sometimes. I do drink hot chocolate, but not very often. I don’t like juices and the carbonation in soda hurts my face.

3 – I love my TV shows. I love a lot of them. My top faves being Scrubs (I am so gloriously happy it’s back) Pushing Daisies (I’m crushed they’re killing it) The Office, 30 Rock, My Name is Earl, Heroes (which at times can be a bit too gory for me) and Chuck.Tivo Rocks.

4 – I love odd-ball artists (singers) like Bright Eyes (listen to First Day of my life) Robert Pattinson, Cary Brothers, Aqualung, and Alexia Murdoch. I love that kind of music despite the sometimes off-tune, mumbling singing styles.

5 – I’m proud of my blogs and my growing technical abilities.

6 – At the start of this school year, I made the goal to make my senior year my best (academic) year. And I’m really proud of myself because I feel like, so far, I’ve done that. My grades have been good, and I’ve enjoyed all of my classes and teachers and been able to learn a lot.

7 – I can’t wait to graduate. I love my teachers, but I don’t feel like I have any close friends in High School. All of my really close friends and three or more years older than I am…. And I’m really done with the immature drama.

8 – My only fear about graduating is having to graduate seminary. I love seminary. I love all of my teachers and all of the great lessons I’ve learned there. And yes, I look forward to institute, but…. For some reason, in my head I view it as just a breading ground for hopeful singles. And I’m all for that. Many of you know how badly I want to get married. But if a breading ground is all it is, then I worry it will loose the spiritual factor of seminary…..

9 – I really want to get married.

10 – I really want a baby. I’ve been called not just baby hungry, but baby starved. I love babies. I love kids. (Happy to baby-sit = )

11- I love writing (actual hand writing) letters. I think computers are ruining that. Soon, in the future journals and notes will all be on computers. That will be so lame for our future generations to read. Yes, our stories may be great, but hand written things, to me are just so much more heartfelt and real….

12 – I am a dedicated (ok, I have been slacking a bit lately) journaler. I have notebooks full and I am still filling more.

13 – I would love to one day to have my own sandwich shop/ bakery.

14 – I kind of wish Megan hadn’t cut her hair.

15 – When I was very little, my dad took me to the Mount Timpanogos temple open house. Ever since then, that has been the temple I have loved and will get married in. On Wednesday, for young womens, we went to the Draper temple open house. I was nervous I would be torn between the two temples. I didn’t want to have to have that sort of inner battle. And it was a very spiritual experience and a very beautiful temple, but thankfully, I’m not at all torn.

16 – I wonder if any one will actually read this…..

17 – I love avocados.

18 – I enjoy cooking and I look forward to doing it in my own home, but I have no doubt that on some days I’ll get sick of it.

19 – Megan and I have been considering teaching Kenpo Karate out of our house. We’re both black belts.

20 – I was I think 15 when I got my black belt. We did a physical test and then a private test, and then an open one where we just show off all of our best stuff. I had a lot of spectators. Brook and Jon came (Brook was my babysitter when we lived in PG – like extended family) a guy I knew named Steve came, I think he’s like two years older then me. And my BF Kyla came. She brought a huge poster that she had made that said Go Adria. It was awesome. My best form (a long series of movements put together, almost like a dance where you take you people out) was a double nun chuck form. I had two nun chucks, one in each hand spinning. My instructor called it my masterpiece and said I was the best at it out of any of the pervious kids to receive a black belt. If I find the video of me doing it, I’ll post it.

21 – I love love love ice cream. It’s really my only big “weakness”.

22 – Lately, I haven’t been able to eat fast foody things. It makes me really sick. But I guess that’s good.

23 – I really really miss my grandpa. I knew I would miss him a lot even before he moved in with us. One day, while looking through my creative writing notebook, where I have poems and crots (a random writing – like a random chapter from a larger story) and story outlines, I found a crot I had wrote on 10/29/08 talking about how much I would miss Grandpa when he passed…..

24 – This is way too long. I’m sorry.

25 – I apologize a lot. I have a lot of things I feel I am sorry for.


  1. You church sluffer!!!! I talked to your dad, but apparently you weren't there and neither was Jessica. We missed her in class. I did read this. And yes I am sluffing too. Ethen is sick today so Bryon and I have to trade off since we both have to teach

  2. I loved reading this! It was fun to learn more about you. I think you should teach karate, I have wanted my kids to learn. And Institute is awesome! It is a hunting ground sometimes but the teachers are the best! I loved all the classes I took.