So, as many of you know, Grandpa Schmidt passed away. It was January 27th, 2009. And to me, it feels like that was a long time away, but really, it was only last Monday..... It's weird. I took it pretty hard at first, but now it feels like it was all forever ago....
I'm really grateful for the time we had with him here. He was so fun to have around. He was fun to joke around with and a big tease, but he was always really sweet too...
I'll miss him a lot.
On the day he passed away, Megan and I ditched school, shopped and enjoyed lunch with the wonderful April Triggs. I also bought Guild Wars. Yeah, I'm a geek.
I tried to get off work but I couldn't find anyone. I was working with people all of whom I loved, Anne, Kenzie, Laurie, Verlyn, Jamie, and Janet. And I figured they could easily help take my mind off things.
But during my shift, I began to feel sick. My mom came in through the crowds (we were busy - ug Youth Basketball) She explained the family was going out to Applebeese and wanted to know if I wanted something. I said no, and that I wasn't feeling well. She asked me if I was okay, and being stressed, tired, and feeling ill, I began to cry. I finally made my way to Janet's office still a sobbing mess, and not even being able to talk.
I squealed about how I couldn't find any one to cover for me, and she told me to go home.
Wonderful Janet has helped me so many times, and I am eternally grateful for her...

I don't really understand the point of viewings. You're not really viewing them... It doesn't even look like them... And you know it's not them. You can feel it, even Christina could.... A friend of the family even said that all people do is look up your nose as you lay there.....
But the social side of it was nice.... April and the Morgan's (adults) came.

Grandpa loved his peanut butter sandwiches. He would have one every day. Just peanut butter and bread, nothing else. And if he made it himself, he would glob it on. While he lived with us, Sophie came to love them too.....
April, came and whipped out of her rather large Mary Poppins purse, a bag of slightly squished peanut butter sandwiches. They generated a good laugh.

The funeral went well. My Uncle Ray gave a wonderful eulogy. Quoting from it he said; "Finally, to our family in Utah – Drew and Cheri, Adria, Megan, Jessica and Christina - these last two months you gave your grandfather the wonderful gift of your love and an investment of your time that helped him cope with the most difficult days of his life. The memories you built together was your gift to him, and perhaps his final gift for you."
Very touching and sweet.

As he was carried out, just outside, there was a group of scouts holding flags lined outside the doors.

And at his grave site, after the prayer, two (very handsome...) scouts played taps.

It's odd to say, but it was a very nice funeral.

Since most of the family was staying a while longer, we enjoyed some time with them. We went to Fuddruckers. Rob, my cousin, got which what I think was the largest size burger you could buy.... He ate just about all of it.

We went for a little drive up the canyon with Ray, Mary, and Rob.

We watched the Superbowl at the hotel where the rest of the family was staying.
On Monday we went to the Draper Temple Open House with Ray and Mary, then went out to eat after wards.
It was very nice to see them and spend all the time with them.


  1. Geez, thanks for making me tear. Love ya

  2. Thank you for that post, it was beautiful!

  3. Adria, I am so sorry about your Grandpa, and I'm sorry I'm just telling you sorry but in my defense i didn't know until just recently. Your family is in my prayers. We should do lunch or dinner, Jonathan doesn't work on Fridays.