So, I have a blog just of my writing, but I'm just going to conjoin this blog with that one. The majority of the things on that blog are written in my creative writing class. Currently I'm writing a memoir, or an autobiography. Some of it, I think could very well be entertaining, so I'm going to post bits and pieces of it at a time here.
I remember climbing our cherry blossom tree and sitting in the space where the trunk turned into branches and they went their separate ways. I remember the sweet smell of spring when that tree would turn pink and blossom with the little flowers I loved. I remember sitting glued to a television and thinking of how much I wanted to be a friend of Little Bear and Face. I remember lots of driving and lots of pictures. I remember being dressed in cute dresses. I remember skorts and denim shorts. I remember a lot.
Our apartment was small, but we were a small family. It was just the three of us for a while. And then just the four of us for what felt like a long while. It felt like we did a lot. We visited and were visited a lot. Some days I slept in and some days I didn’t. Some days I was up early enough to see dad leave. But not that often. When dad was home. They watched their shows. And I couldn’t. But I tried and sometimes I would get to.
One night they watched Lois and Clark. I wanted to watch it too, but I was sent to bed. But Megan (who at the time was probably under 1) got to watch it. It wasn’t fair. And that’s how it was most nights. So I’d have my cry. And then when I decided I couldn’t fall asleep I’d slide out of bed very very quietly and carefully crawl down the hallway. How our apartment was laid out it was easy to watch T.V. without being noticed. We had an entry way sort of area. There was a kitchen on one side and our living room on the other and a wall split the two rooms. The front room was square. The T.V. was at one end, the end where the front door was, and the couch was at the opposite side of the room. The couch was up against a wall, and just next to the start of the hallway. I’d crawl all the way down, hugging the wall that was the same side as the couch. Than I'd sit, scrunched in a ball, and watch the show.
I only remember one time of getting caught. And I was allowed to watch the show with them. I remember feeling somewhat proud of myself.

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  1. I still remember exactly what your apartment looked like. And I love that picture of you and Megan that's exactly how I remember you two.