Our Stamp Policy

So at work (I work at the Legacy Center for those of you who don't know...) we have a policy that any one entering the building needs to have some form of identification of where they ought to be, that being a little membership card or a stamp ie gymnastics, track, dance, martial arts ext.... With Youth Basketball going on we have a lot of people coming in on the days we have games and practices and we are supposed to stamp every one of those hands. It's what we are currently receiving the most grief over as people often try to refuse stamps... 

One day a couple came in. The wife, leading the way, received a stamp from me, then, smiling, said, "He can't have one." gesturing to her husband as I leaned forward to give him a stamp also. He lifted up his arms, his jacket sleeves sliding down, revealing two hooks in place of where his hand should have been. I was obviously shocked. My eyes wide, i mumbled, "Oh! I'm so sorry..." 
They continued on their way, smiling, seemingly amused by my shock and surprise.  


  1. HOLY CRAP!!!
    I laughed so hard I scared the kids. We might have to take about that in staff meeting

  2. Awkward! Sounds like something that would happen to me!