My Black Eye

(From when I was little...)

I remember my bed room being always terribly messy. I'd have piles and piles of clothes and toys. I remember one time, I had a dresser that had a giant pile of clothes on it. Being so little I remember thinking it was this giant mountain. My parents made me take care of it, and it felt like it took for ever, but I accomplished the task, some how.

I remember some days liking school and some days not. I remember crying because I didn’t want to go. I remember what I think was my first day in kindergarten. I got a black eye. I was standing in line, waiting to go inside from recess. The two boys in front of me were fighting and as a result, I got elbowed in the face. I don’t think I cried, but I remember my mom telling me to not stand behind boys anymore.

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