BrookNShay - Your Next Tid Bit of Memories




Brook and Shay were our babysitters growing up. They lived across and a little down the street from us. They were my best friends. I would get teased because whenever I talked about them I said their names together really fast so it sounded like BrookNShay.
We would go swimming all the time. I think it’s because of them my love of swimming started… It felt like we went every day in the summer. I remember thinking they were soooo pretty when they sat on the white lawn chairs and sunbathed and wishing I could be just like them.
I remember Brook, I think it was, brought her boyfriend once to swim with us. All I remember is one time he picked me up and threw me into the pool. It was cool until I hit the water… Belly flop. After that, I didn’t like him…
I remember one time, I think another one of Brooks boyfriends came and picked us up at her house. He drove a convertible and took us for a drive. I think it was summer, or at least close to it, so he had the top down. I had long hair and it blew all over the place. But Brook had been smart and had pulled her hair into a ponytail. I remember wishing I had been as smart as her.
I remember one time Shay was sitting in a chair doing homework. I was begging her to play with me. She told me she could when she was done with her homework. But her homework seemed to take forever, and I didn’t understand why she had so much. I vaguely remember feeling mad at the teachers for giving her so much homework so she couldn’t play with me.
One time… I’m not sure what we were doing, I think just running around bare-foot outside, but our feet had gotten terribly dirty so Shay brought us inside and we all sat on the edge of the tub and washed our filthy feet. I remember thinking it was a genius idea. Megan and I still do that today…. Not like on a regular basis…. Just when our feet are dirty and we don’t want to take a full blown shower…..
One time I fell down. I think I was one a bike…. But I had scraped up my hands and knees… I’m not sure if it was Brook or Shay… I think Shay…. But whoever it was explained to me as I cried that they needed to look at my hands (I was clasping my hands closed so they couldn’t be examined) so they could clean them so they wouldn’t end up hurting worse because of an infection. I didn’t like the idea of my hands hurting worse, so I endured the pain of the scrapes being cleaned and let them bandage me up.

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  1. ha, i had a babysitter like that. there's a big gully by my house, and one time she took us down there. there's a creek with a rope swing across it. we were going to swing across, but there were boys with bb guns there. my parents were not happy when they found out about that adventure . . .
    my aunt also babysat us a lot (well she had to, she lived with us!). we didn't like when she babysat. she was one grumpy teenager and didn't put enough butter on the popcorn.
    i love reading your tidbits of memory! they're so cute!