St. Patrick's Day Parade

On Saturday, all of us went down town to watch Jessica perform in a St. Pat's Day parade. She was excited/nervous for it. The Naylor girls were also part of it, in the same dance group. It went clear through the Gateway (I looove the Gateway! I so wish I could live by there....) The parade was fun! I love being downtown. I just love it. Enjoy the pics!


Dad ready for Jessica to come through. After she passed, we ran with her the whole way. I only almost tripped and fell once! I'm such a clutz!

Jessica in the Parade

Our Irish Dancer

Megan and Sophie
I like this pic ^ I doubt Megan does though.... = /

Christina and her Hat

That green hat sure helped us keep an easy track of Christina!

I tried my hand at street photography (candid shots of strangers). I love the idea of it... Check out what I captured at my flickr site;

I also got to take some photos of the temple! I think they turned out AWESOME! I love to see the temple! I feel the Spirit just looking at these pictures. I love it!

I Love to See the Temple

I Love to See the Temple

We also got to go to the Cheesecake Factory. If you have never been, I will take you! I want an avocado roll now.... Thanks Mom and Dad!

Sunday night was fun, I made dinner - yummy stuffed bread sticks - fresh home made dough, cheese, chicken and Alfredo, how can you go wrong?! You can't! Yum!

But that night... I had a little situation... I cut myself shaving. The worst ever. It bled a lot, that's why my heel is all red in that pic. Crazy! I didn't think it was bad, but as I cleaned it up I found it was like an inch long! Some times it hurts to walk and such but shrug, I'm tough.....
The Dangers of Shaving

Don't forget! I'm posting new pics constantly at both flickr, and my photo blog Check it out! Cute new baby pics! (thanks Shay!) and sweet new ones soon to come!
I just found an awesome new place for pictures! Maybe you will be the next to pose there!


  1. that pic of Megan is AWESOME! I love the color difference. And the dancing guy was great too. And I can't believe you cut yourself in a house full of vampire lovers. Dangerous dear, way too dangerous. The temple shots are magnificent. I love the one behind the gate. You rock. Love ya

  2. That would've been cool to see the girls dancing! I love Irish dancing. St. Patrick's Day is my favorite holiday...even though we don't drink; any holiday that celebrates Ireland is A+ in my book!

  3. I too am loving the temple shots. Stunning. And the picture of Megan is so cool. It almost looks like you cut her out of another picture and stuck her in that one. Great job. I admire your ability to see a great shot. I LOVE photography and am hoping I can get all the bad pictures out of my system soon so I can start taking some good ones.

    Also, I went to your Anome photography site and holy cow!...that little girl is so pretty. You took some great shots of her.