Isn't it Ironic

I am a TA (teachers assistant) for my old Digital Photography teacher. I think I give him a lot of grief. Not too much, I just tease him a lot. He was having some difficulty exlpaining to his students how to do animation using photos. I told him it was a stupid assignment.
That night while at home my dad showed me an awesome stopmotion video. How ironic! But it is awesome.... Enjoy it!

Bathtub IV from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.

Pretty sweet! Huh? And it is totally FOR REAL! For real for real. And why does it look all... little? Well.... that is the awesome beauty of Adobe Photoshop!

I think this video is cool too.......


  1. Those are some sweet videos! I saw the one where the girl is on the bed on TV the other night and didn't get to see it all and I thought, "I bet it's on youtube somewhere." THAT is ironic!

  2. Even more ironic? I was going to comment with the link for "Morning Routine"! Both of these are awesome!