My Blair Witch Project

I'm sure some of you have seen this video from my facebook... But here it is with some commentary...
Many of you may know the story of the haunted house just by the hill. The Legend says that there's a pool in the house and that some one died in it, and no one wants to buy it because it's haunted. It's been vacant forever.
Well, Dad, Megan and I were Jeeping (driving around on bumpy dirt roads in the Jeep) and we passed the house. I had never really seen it before so I told my dad to drive up to it (it has a beat up drive way that leads up to the house which you can't really see because there are eaglemountainsagebrushtrees in the way.)
He pulled up and stopped, I was already recording my video at this point and then my dad began to get out of the Jeep.... This is mainly where my squealing comes in....
Yes the video is about ten minutes, but I promise you'll get a good laugh!

Funny, no?

My favorite part is when they're walking in and I'm like No no no no! I didn't want to go in... but nor did I want to be alone.
The majority of the time I had a death grip on Megan's arm.
When I'm really really scared, I don't realise what I am doing. So I didn't realise I was hyperventilating, or squealing really that much...
Yeah, I really had to pee.

The house is HUGE and really amazing. If it was lit up and such, I would totally love to live there. The view from the windows was gorgeous.... The pictures that could be done in that house with the available lighting... Mmmm...


  1. That was definitely funny. your dad cracked me up all he said was "probably" "I don't know" "probably" "I don't know"

  2. That's funny what Brook said. I didn't even notice that 'cause I was listening to all the screams and breathing. Adria, you're so funny. That video was so funny. The part about when you guys were in the kitchen made me laugh the most because it did sound like you were hyperventilating. hehe.

  3. I thought Megan was very brave. LOL