Monday and Tuesday

On Monday night we entertained guests; Whittney, Kyle and Michelle came over (my friends). We enjoyed stuffed bread stick and chocolate cake! Yum! Than we enjoyed some Wii. When Whittney and Kyle showed up, we chatted a bit. Whittney asked what we had been up to, and without hesitation Christina said "Cleaning."

Tuesday we didn't do much. We had just whatever for dinner. Janet had brought soup over the night before that we ate, delish! The girls played with chalk out side, we played our own version of what we call Cops and Robbers, and Hide and Go Seek. While playing Hide and Go Seek, Megan was "it". The phone rang and it was for me. Megan informed the person that we were playing Hide and Go Seek and that I hadn't been found yet.
= P

Chalk and Shadows
I am totally loving this photo of Christina! ^
Cops and Robbers
The girls mid cops and robbers ^

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