On Wednesday Megan made tortellini salad, and Sis. Smith joined us for dinner. Good job on the dinner Megan!

Then we brought Sophie to stay with family for a bit. Bye Sophie!

Also the 8th was Grandpa Schmidt's (passed) so we sang happy birthday and all together we blew out a candle for him. Then we enjoyed Oreo Madness. They use to make it at TGI Fridays, but they stopped = ( It's basically just crushed oreos with ice cream, fudge, caramel, and whipped topping. Yummy!

TGI Fridays Oreo Madness

I finished editing pictures from our Easter session on Sunday! Yes, it's not Easter yet... But Whateve. Enjoy the pics! Happy Easter!

Easter Pictures

Easter Pictures

Easter Pictures

This one is my fave! ^

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Easter Pictures

Sophie got a little bored....

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