Oragami And Harry Potter

Grandpa taught the girls how to make boxes out of paper that he says can even hold water, and how to make good paper airplanes.

Grandpa's Origami

He also said that it's hard for them to get use to us calling them Grandma and Grandpa because they don't feel like they are that old. So he told us to call him Gopher. We didn't stick to it, but it was funny.
Every night we read one scripture and talk about it. On Friday, I asked Grandpa to pick one. He picked one about gifts, then we went around and talked about all the gifts we have and see that each other has. Grandpa talked about how Grandma is an amazing singer, and even had a chance to go to Hollywood and sing with Frank Sinatra! but she turned it down to go to BYU.
None of us (girls) knew that.

When conference was all and done, I set up my computer downstairs and hooked it to a projector dad got for us. We watched The Game Plan (such a cute movie) played some online games (go to http://www.orisinal.com/) and played a little Sims (I love SIMS!) and then when Grandpa got back from Priesthood session we watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It was sweet! We were all surprised by how good my dinky little speakers worked and what good base they gave.

The Sims 2

This is the girls goofing around with shadows.
= P

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