My latest photoshoot was kind of crazy but the pictures tunred out good! It was with my friend Brandt. To start it off my car died so that was an issue.
We started at the same place I did with Megan, with the Jaguar. It was unlocked, gross inside, but he was willing to sit in it. There was a note in it telling the owner that people were sleeping in it and it needed to be delt with.
When I closed the door of the car the dashboard fell down! I didn't even close it hard! It was really funny!

Jacked up Jag

But check out the pictures! He's so good looking! And it was a great day, a bit cold, but prefect lighting. It started to rain just as we ended! Nice!


These ones are my fave so far! I got so many good ones! I've loved my past senior sessions!
Check them out at my photo blog or flickr page!


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