Random One


So tonight (Saturday the 25th) all of us older people (Megan, Mom, Dad, and I) were sitting watching our Tivoed shows (Better off Ted - watch it - hilarious!)
My dad was showing me new HDR pics from his trip on his flickr, when the girls (who were showering upstairs) started screaming.
Already on my feet I ran up, fallowed by my dad.
I pulled the shower door open fast (they were in my parents shower ~ it's boxy with a glass door) and found them squished against the far corner of the shower, screaming/crying.
I asked "What's going on?!"
In hysterical voices they said, "Spider!"
I backed out at this point. I had never heard any one scream so high pitched and I didn't want to see the monster that was causing it.
But he was a tiny little guy, that my dad killed.
Thank heavens for tissue wielding dads!

Silly girls.....
It gave us all (older people) a good laugh

= P

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  1. Sounds like something I would do...the screaming. I killed a HUGE spider the other day and that night dreamed I was the lead role in Arachnaphobia! Agghhhh!