The Christina Post

On Saturday (the 18th) both Jess and Christina got hair cuts. Jess just wanted a trim, but Christina wanted to cut hers like mine
= (
I miss her long hair, but she will always be cute no matter what.



And that flower she's wearing? Megan and I bought a ton of silk flowers and have been making them. Cute, huh!?! Easy, cheap, and adorable!

On Monday (the 20th) Dad was out of town for a business trip so it was just us girls. I met the fam at the South Town mall after doing senior pictures in SLC. I bought AE jeans (yay new jeans) and my mom bought me a cute bohemianesque shirt. Technically it's a really short dress but whateve. Still super cute!

Well, for the longest time Christina has been begging to get her ears pierced, and mom always said she had to wait till she was eight. Well... now she is eight... and... we were at the mall, so... she got her ears pierced!
She was nervous, but didn't cry, and was excited when it was all done.


^ Before
^ After
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  1. I agree, Christina will always be cute no matter what!

  2. AHHH so adorable. I wish I was that photogenic.