Spring Break

Spring Flowers

We got an entire week off for Spring Break! It's basically the last day, but it's been fun.
On Tuesday, as (if you have read below) you know, mom and dad got home from London.
Wednesday I babysat.
On Thursday I got my car inspected and registered and then Megan and I went shopping at the South Town Mall. I bought tons of sweet things! Megan and I bought 4 American Eagle shirts that we both will share. I bought a pare of American Eagle pants, shorts and a hoodie from Aeropostal, a sweet button down shirt as well as a bunch of photo props (hats, hair clips) from Forever 21, a cute hat from Downeast Basics, and cute capries from Old Navy.
On Friday I had planned to go downtown to do senior pictures for my friend, but she had to work so she just came to my house instead. After that Megan and I went downtown anyways. I have a lot of friends who want senior pictures and almost all of them want to do them there. I love downtown, but I don't know of specific places to do pictures, so Megan and I tried out a handful of places.
I love what we found! It was great. And in our picture location quest we stumbled upon an awesome store were I bought more props! I bought my first guy prop! It's a sweet hat! We are totally going back to that store.
If you would like to see the pictures we took check out my photography blog or my flickr page!

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  1. Looks like you did great tending while your parents got away. Hopefully my back will heal or I will definately be getting a hold of your dad.
    I HATE when I cut myself shaving right on my ankle. That is the spot where I always cut myself!! It makes me cringe just thinking about it.