Colorado #1

I am currently in Colorado. I am staying with Kyla and her family who use to live just next door to me. It was a very random trip. She came to visit Utah and I went home with her. So today mainly consisted of waking up early and driving for eight hours. Road trip!
We stopped at the state line and took pictures.
We talked a lot.
Kyla had a heart attack (not really) from 1 and a half energy drinks.
NutriGrain bars are amazing when warm.
Then I settled in a bit, we ordered pizza and I met her friends Coop (sweet nick name I think and cute girl!) Travis and David (if I'm remembering right....)
Clam and casual but fun for a first day.
My card reader thing isn't working and just as I typed that I remembered I have a second. I'll have to try to figure it out so I can share pics. If not, they'll all come in bulk when I get home.
I did not take the heading picture ~ sadly

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