Plane Ride Home

So for the last day we just hung around and watched Harry Potter. Then we went to Einstein Bagels and got lunch. I had a yummy sandwich that had cream cheese, sprouts, tomatoes, cucumbers, and turkey on a bagel, super yummy.
Then we stopped at the Tattered Cover book store because Laura, Kyla's sister wanted to say bye to me.

Tattered Cover



Then we drove the rest of the way to the airport.
I'll sure miss those guys! It was so much fun!

Coop, Kyla and I

^ Kyla, Coop and I


Dave, Kyla's Dad.

I love the airport. I don't know why, I just do. The Denver airport is pretty big. You have to take a train thing underground to get to each place.
I found my terminal or whatever place and just chilled. Among those of us "chilling" was a kid with long hair, a few youth groups wearing the same shirts, a cute couple with a cute baby, and a handful of business men. One of them was very tall and was on his phone the entire time until we were basically about to take off. He sat next to me.


A few nights before I left, at dinner, we talked about flying and the people you get sat next to on planes. I said that whenever I fly I never get to sit next to anyone cool. The people usually don't even talk to me, but my dad, who flys a lot always seems to sit next to cool people.

Well the tall man next to me didn't talk to me till about the end. He was sleeping most of the time. But he was really nice. He said he lived in Orem, he had 10 kids. He was in Denver for business, but while he had been there he had been lucky enough to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir at Red Rocks. He was a Bishop in his ward, and use to work for Raytheon (where my dad works). He was super nice and cool to talk with. He was super tall too. The plane we were in was like super small and he had to like duck.



I love Biscoff cookies!

My dad picked me up after my flight. On the car ride home he got a phone call. So to entertain myself I took out one of the masquerade masks and wore it on the way home. It was funny to see people's reactions. Lol! We got Thai for dinner (yum! Some of my fave stuff) And that was it! Fun fun!

My dad is so great! He told me that on the way to the airport he stopped at the Gateway and went into Urban Outfitters to get me a pillow! He's so sweet!!

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  1. Dude! When was your flight? Laurie sister flew in from Denver Tueday night. Wouldn't that be funny if you were on the same one?