Dutch Pancakes and Goodbyes = (


This morning Patty made us Dutch pancakes. They are kinda like crepes, very yummy. Then Coop, Kyla and I continued watching Harry Potter.

Today is my last day in Colorado. = (

It's been fun here and I'll be sad to go, but it'll be nice to be back home as well.

Here's what I've found while being in Colorado:

~ Nutri-Grain bars are amazing when warm.

~ Colorado has cooler stores then Utah. You know how Utah is basically ran my Walmart? Well, I haven't seen one Walmart in Colorado. They are ran my King Soopers (Own and ran by Smiths so it's basically just a Smiths) and Super Targets. And I love Target.

~ Colorado has bigger better movie theaters then Utah.

~ Colorado has TONS of Ben and Jerry's, like in the mall's food courts and shops in the towns, and I am a Ben and Jerry's addict so that's awesome.

~ They only have one temple, I didn't know that, and sad!

~ The boys in the ward here are rather good looking.

~ I would love to live in hippie ville Boulder.

~ The Hitch soundtrack rocks.

~ They have a lot of antique like stores here ALL OVER, even in the malls. And that's super cool.

~ I love the mountains a lot and the mountains here are just so different then the ones at home. Both times I've come here I've found myself missing the mountains a lot. I can't really explain it... It's like the mountains are my friend that are so close to me and I love to hug, and here it's just not like that.

~ Not being able to view and edit my pictures drives me nuts.

~ I love down town Salt Lake a lot. A lot more then down town Denver.

And finally.....

~ I love Colorado.

~ But I really Love Utah.


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