The Day I Meet the Guy From Mythbusters and Fall In Love ; But Not Exactly In That Order

So today Kyla, Coop and I went to what really is a very cool mall.
The first store we went into was Athropologie which is like one of the awesomest stores. It's expensive but not tooo bad. I love it a lot.
I bought a super cute head band from there, it was twenty bucks, and that's on sale, but it's cute and I'm excited to take pictures in it. Sadly there is only one Anthropologie in Utah = ( it's at the Gateway = Awesome! More reason to go to the Gateway! I love the Gateway!
At this mall (the one in Colorado) they have an Urban Outfitters. I love love love that store. My favorite T-Shirts are from there. Again, there is only one in Utah = (
They also have a Pottery Barn - awesome kids store. As well as a very large Victoria's Secret, and if you know me well you know how much I love that place....
But there were two things that I was most excited about...
First, they have a Janie and Jack!!!! (Click on the title and go to their site! They have a super cute site!) Again, only one in Utah and it's forever away! But I love love love it! It is a "sister" store of Gymboree. It's a store for babies and tots. No, I don't have babies or tots, but I Love to shop for props there. They are super cute and have AWESOME sales! I will for sure shop there when I have little ones!

And second great thing ~ they have a HUGE food court! And guess what is included in their food court?................. Paradise Bakery!!!! Do you know how much I love Paradise?! I love it a lot. At home I go there AT LEAST AT LEAST once a week. But.... No other Paradise I have gone to has been as good quality as my Paradise at home.

After that we went to see a movie, we saw Away We Go, with Jim from the Office. I love Jim, and that movie! Awesome! Then we went home and watched ANTM, I love that show and then watched the Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Long but I love it!
Travis had invited a friend over named Devin. He looked exactly like the crazy guy on Mytbusters, but this guy wasn't as crazy, like at all.
By the end of it we had accumulated a group of friends and we decided to go to Wendys. That was a funny and frightening car ride. I filmed it. It was very funny.
Then back home to watch Harry Potter. Getting ready for the soon to come movie!
Coop slept over so we all slept down staris. They said I talked in my sleep and loudly. Oopse, but that's not a new thing for me. I've been told I do it a lot.
A blast of a day and night!

Here are some pics of sweet stuff from the above stores I love oh so much! Not taken by me, sadly, but you'll see pics soon!

A pillow I want from Urban Outfitters.

Fab Urban Outfitters chair.

I want this chair sooo bad. Isn't it awesome!?!?! It's from Urban Outfitters, and with my current income, not cheap.

If you happen to see a chair like this anywhere or have one you don't want or anything please let me know!!!

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