Timp Temple

On Sunday I went to church and then I came home, lounged around and watched some shows with Kyla.
Earlier I had decided to make Sunday dinner for the family, so I ran and got groceries on Saturday and I made Stuffed Bread Sticks. It went over well and everyone liked it!

Dinner Date

This little guy was crawling on the wall while I was making dinner.

For dessert Kyla picked out Funfetti Cake so I made that for her.
It didn't turn out as great as it should have but oh well.
Their oven is very old. So the cake was getting pretty brown on the outside but not baking on the inside. I was nervous it was going to burn so I pulled it out. When we took it out of the pan.... not all of it came out.... the middle stayed in the pan. *shakes head sadly*
At least dinner was good...

FunFettie Mishap

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  1. Wow! That picture rocks! I love it! I want a copy of it to hang in my house somewhere....but, what size and where to hang it...?