The Mix of Places I Like A Lot

Today for breakfast we had Einstein Bagels. I love them a lot. I wish we had more close to us. I think the closest I know of to us in Utah is in Sandy. Sad.

Then we went out and went to the Old Down Town Littleton.
Old Downtown Littleton

It's a very cute little town with lots of cute little shops. Lots of shops I know my mom would like.

Details Boutique

I bought some sweet glasses, I love them a lot, and two maskes. Like masqurade masks. I've been wanting some for pictures. I was really excited becasue usually they are expencive but these ones were cheep but cool. The store I bought them at was a crazy costume store. Pretty crazy, pretty sweet.


They had a lot of botuquies and antiquie stores and a sweet candy shop. Pretty cool. I bought some stuff for my mom and sister and we went to a yummy place for lunch. I got a yummy turkey pesto sandwhich. It was yummy.

Tres Jolie

Then we went to a place called Arts on Fire. You go in and pick a ceramic object then you pick as many paint colors as you want and then you paint it. It was pretty sweet. I liked it a lot. Kyla painted a duck blue. Travis painted a T-Rex and I painted a little box with dots and stripes.




It's a pretty sweet business idea. Is there anything like that here? I bet if some one started something like that in Utah they could make good money...

That night we went to go see a cage fight. Kinda crazy and kinda random.
Patty (Kyla's mom) works with a boy who fights. She said he's a very nice, mild-mannered boy, but he does martial arts and fights.
She had bought tickets a long time ago so I went with them.
We were all pretty nervous about it. It's a fight! Who wouldn't be?!
It was in some hotel.
It wasn't that bad, not as scary as we thought.
The like second fight we watched some guy got bloodied up, but that was the worst we saw.
We were there to see a guy named Jim. He was a kinda short blond haired guy. He was like the second to last fight.
And he was awesome.
The crowd was really into him.
Each fight can last up to three rounds long. All the fights before Jim only lasted one round expect for one fight which lasted two. Jim lasted three. And he totally kicked butt. Kyla and her mom got pretty into it. It was pretty funny.


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  1. einstein bagels is the BEST!!! i love them soooo much. there's one by university mall, but i think sandy's closer . . .

    and there's this place at the riverwoods in provo called color me mine that's like what you were describing. i went there once a LOOOONNNGGG time ago, but i still have the bowl i painted!