Nearly Passing Out At Red Rocks Among Overly Fit People, Boulder, Unusual Food, Hippies, Ben and Jerry's, More Yummy Food and a Few Good Movies

Can we say long title? Lol. I had a good one in mind, some one said it, but I forgot it.



Today we started by going to Red Rocks Amphitheater. Pretty cool. Lots of steeps stairs. It's where Kyla and Coop graduated. They had to trek down A LOT of stairs in those horrid large gowns. And I thought I had it bad. The hike down was a burn to the legs, but nothing like the hike up. At this point it was getting hot. I could feel it like burning into me and sucking out all my energy. I felt like I was going to pass out. Like my eyes were rolling around in my head. Wow, am I unfit or what? No, really, I think I was just dehydrated. Once we got to the car and I got to my water I was fine.
We took a bunch of pictures up there. Here are some of them ~

Running downhill ~ I'm such a pro photographer.

Then we went to Pearl Street in Boulder. But that took a while. We got lost for a while and it turned into almost a road trip. We finally got there and parked in front of the Happy Noodle House. We were all pretty hungry, so we thought, what the hey, we'll try it out.


We went in and it had a pretty sweet vibe and the waiters were cool and a few were smokin hot.
I didn't really know what to order so I just got what Kyla got, fallowed the crowd. And Coop got Happy Soup. We all just kinda winged it.

^ Random picture on their wall.
The meal was.... Interesting. What Kyla and I had included a yummy salad, the best dumplings I've ever had, a ball of rice with a horrible sunny-side-up egg on top. I liked it all but the egg ruined it. It was like slippery..... and almost rubbery... How could I describe it?
When I was in elementary school kids would make this goo that was like playdoughish, but super runny and goopy. That was what it was like. I usually like eggs, but not like that.
I didn't try it, but Kyla and Coop both said the Coop's Happy Soup was oddly very spicy.
Kyla and Coop ordered some herbal tea that they really enjoyed though.
We decided to try some random mango desert with honey. Sounds good, yeah?
We get it, it looked fairly yummy, I even took a picture of it. But it was far from a yummy mango treat. It had cracked pepper on it and tasted nothing like mango.


Kyla didn't want to offend anyone with our dislike of the food, so she and Coop began scraping it off the rind and hiding it under the rind. At this point the waiter came over and asked us what we thought. Kyla said it was interesting. He could tell we did not like it.
He explained that his cousin or someone had come in and had described it as saddley. Like a saddle you put on a horse. It was odd.
He returned with our check and informed us he had taken the crazy mango off our check.
Kyla wrote him a thank-you note on the receipt.


It was raining out but luckily we had umbrellas this time. We shopped around boulder.
I love boulder. It's has a Gateway/Park city feel, but cooler. It's filled with college students (sings ~ college boys, college boys...) hippies, some of them hot, sweet stores, yummy food (generally) and lots of incense among other things....

I bought my sisters a gift (sssshhhh) I think they'll love it, and got a mint Ben and Jerrie's shake from a very hippie ran Ben and Jerry's.

Buddy the Blowfish
I bought my sisters finger puppets ~ A blowfish ^ and a snail. Super cute.

After that we called it a day and headed home.

For dinner I went to dinner with Kyla and her parents. We went to the Corner Bakery which is very Paradise Bakery like and we all know how much I love Paradise. I had a BLT with avocado. Yum. As well as an AMAZING mini chocolate bunt cake. It was AMAZING! And Kyla had this yummy pasta with a pesto sauce I think it was, with chicken. It was like something my mom makes at home, it was tasty.

After that we went and saw the Proposal. I really didn't care to see this movie and did not expect much, if anything out of it. But I really really liked it. I thought it was super funny and cute. Maybe that's because I didn't expect anything out of it, but still, I liked it. There was the cutest dog ever in it. I really really want it. But I can't find a picture of it.
And that wraps up the day.

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  1. Everyone on the web says it's a Samoyd puppy - -