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I've been trying to save money, and I'm sure I'm not alone in this. But living isn't always cheap. But there are TONS of deals and free things you can get easy! Who knew?! I thought I'd share some sweet stuff I've found in my search for free stuff and coupons.

Sign Up and Join!

There are tons of places with "clubs", e-newsletters that you can sign up for and get tons of deals and coupons. It's a quick way to know what new and what's on sale now.
~Paradise bakery has a frequent buyer card. Get one! Each time you visit you earn points. I've gotten two free meals, and I have another one available to me!
Paradise also does a monthly business card drawing. I put my business card in in June and won a dozen cookies! Awesome!
~Aerie which is cute girl underwear store by American Eagle has an A-List you can sign up for in stores. One any Thursday of every month you can come in and get a free gift, totally free! I've gotten free lip gloss, body spray, those things that you put in your drawers to make them smell good, plus a free birthday lip gloss. Not only do you get all that, but you also get emails with sweet coupons!
~Sign up for Victoria's Secret emails. We all know they have the best bras, but they're not cheap. But you can find out about the sweetest deals first through email. Right now you can get 2 bras for $40. That's a pretty good deal! It's almost two for the price of one! That's how I buy my VS bras, and I love all of them!
~Things like books, crafts, make up and body care products can be expensive! But most places have e-newsletters and you can get sweet coupons usually once a week! I get emails from Roberts, Barns and Noble, Bath and Body Works, Dove, Clean and Clear, and Eyes Lips and Face. I get sweet deals sent to me every week!
And don't be scared to give out your email. They're not going to spam you. They want your business! And if you get sick of it, it's easy to cancel.

Take a Survey

~Some times when you purchase something you'll have get a survey that you can take. My mom always gets Old Navy surveys and she can get sweet discounts. Right now she has one that's 10% off her next purchase! They are usually pretty short and easy to do.
I have one from Arbys for a free beef and Cheddar! Sweet!
Target also gives out surveys, as well as lots of restaurants. If the waiter or cashier doesn't tell you, check your receipt for one.

Go Online

Lots of places have coupons you can print out straight off their website.
These include Dove, Clean and Clear, Target, Old Navy, KFC, Dominos, Roberts, among others! Itunes also has weekly free downloads, and some times they'll have entire free playlists!
Teen Vogue is doing a summer give away. Every day you can sign up online or through texting to enter to join their give away. They have things like Urban Outfitters gift cards, TV Show Season DVD, a camera... Today they are giving aways phones!
They're is no guarantee that you'll win, but it won't hurt to try!

Gloom and Doom

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