A Birthday Surprise!

My Birthday was on the 31st. Happy Birthday, Happy Memorial day!

My mom curled my hair, I dressed up all cute, and Dave and I went and saw the Prince of Persia (amazing! Go see it! --- Does anyone have the game on Wii, PC, or Xbox 360 I could barrow??? Please!?) and than we got Spoon Me (yay for free to me!) The Sandy Spoon Me had this yummy strawberry guava flavor that I loved! And than we enjoyed Noodles & Co.
After that we played Lego Batman cause Dave was like "Can we hang out at my house a little bit?" But after I started getting a little bored with Batman and asked "Can we go home now? I just want a cookie." (Megan made this yummy yummy carrot cookies, don't judge till you try one!) And after a bit he said "Yes, just let me get changed first." and he changed and came out dressed up nice in his church clothes and we went to my house.
I walked into the house and there were a bunch of people in the living room all wearing fancy clothes and holding up masquerade masks. Pretty crazy!
See the video my dad took---

Than my mom gave me gift to open, which had this cute dress for me that I went and put on, and than we ate Penna Rustic with yummy Salad and than had the yummy carrot cookies. And than we got to eat oh so yummy Strawberry Pie (yeah, my belly was really full... But it was my birthday!) It was funny, I asked my mom earlier that day, "Mom can you make me Strawberry Pie? All I want is Strawberry Pie." And she said, "Yeah, but you will have to wait till I can go to Costco to get strawberries and they are closed today."

After that we took some fun pictures. I took individuals of all the guests and then we took a group shot.

After that I had a couple options, do I fire pit and enjoy some smores or watch a movie in the backyard using the projector. We watched Aeon Flux. A little odd, but a good action flick!

See all the pictures large at Flickr!

It was so much fun and such a nice surprise! My family and Dave came up with the whole idea and I guess had been working on it for a while now! So cool! Thank you!


72 days!



  1. Happy Birthday Adria!!!! I'm glad you had a good day!

  2. What a great surprise! Yay for Penne Rustica and Aeon Flux!