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(Watch me....)

Monsons from Blue Lily Photo on Vimeo.

Recently discovered and fell in love with Blue Lily Photo.

I've always loved well-directed videos/movies. Dave and I already have quite the movie collection and it would be completed with a big fat TV... Someday...

I can't help but love Australia.

Or Pushing Daisies.

And a few loved surfing-discovered videos...

Are they not just oozing with adorable-ness?


Awesome! Lets take a walk. And grow a beard. If you hit up his site it's interesting to read all of what it took to make the video - at least for those of us who are Photoshop - savey.

I not only love the top video because I love the little family in it. (I use to nanny little Tate and Chloe. And oh how I wish I still did!) But because it's an adorable video in it's self, as are the photo/video-graphers other videos.

So... I am looking to shoot some video! I don't shoot much video, at all. I've been asked to before, but I've always shied away... But my camera does capture HD video.

If anyone is interested, I'll shoot the video for free, and if you like it, you can purchase!

In way of availability, with that whole, planning a wedding thing, I am a busy gal! But... I'm still taking sessions up till August 5th, and won't be available again till August 23rd. So... If you want to book soon, book now!

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