I am getting more and more excited about the Holidays! I am not totally sure what has got me so excited... Maybe it's our first Holiday season as newly weds... I dunno.
I have big hopes and plans for black Friday! I hope to get a killer deal on a wonderful and huge TV.
Where should I shop? I am thinking Target....
But I am in a bit of a bind...
We have this very nice wood entertainment center, but I don't think it will fit a TV any larger than 37" and I want a TV bigger than that... But I don't want to mount it on the wall... or buy a new entertainment center. Humph! Who knows.
But I did find this oh so cool blog post with a cool thing to do with a mounted TV (For the Post)

Is that not such a cute idea!? It makes me feel a lot better about mounting a TV on the wall! If you visit me here in the next couple weeks, this is what you will for sure see in my front room.

What do you want for Christmas? I want clothes, decor, and food. I really want a new lens.. (wink wink Mom and Dad =) But either way, I will get that soon and I am so excited about it!

Speaking of cute frames... I really want this adorable IKEA frame. I <3>

I want this shirt... And similar items of clothing...

She was on America's Next Top Model, wasn't she? I think she was my fave....

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  1. They have a ton of deals already posted!
    check out
    They post the ads as soon as they are released so you can know already where to go and what to get.
    Also remember that Walmart price matches. hee hee
    There is all my black friday secrets.