Easter Weekend

I hope you had a good Easter! We did! Nothing fancy, but it was good.

On Saturday I had to go photo-shoot scouting so Dave and I went up to Salt Lake.

We first went to a very cool antique store. I had been there
before with my family, but not with Dave. It is simply this massive warehouse (they have flyers that say they currently have the largest antique inventory in the world) and it really is huge. You could easily loose a child in that place. It's freezing and has a degree of creepiness to it. They are way over priced but it's fun to walk around. I didn't take any pictures while we were there, well I took a few on my phone but like I am going to share those crappy things. Here are a few from last time I went:

Yeah, it's literally just piles of stuff in there. It's definitely worth exploring.

After that we took a drive up to an abandoned train... My family had been there before, but I had never been and I wanted to scout it out for an upcoming photo-shoot. It's a bit of a drive out to the middle of no where, but it has some serious potential.

It's so weird because it's there, including the tracks, all by it's self. There are no tracks leading to it, or away from it. It's just there by its self. Things like that always make me curious of the story behind it. Why is that the only train that was left there? And why was only that bit of tracks left too? What was that (now super sketchy) building used for? Interesting... Interesting...

On Sunday we enjoyed dinner at the Vaughn's house.

Family Pictures

And there is a story from the evening I have to share... I had heard a very condensed version of this story from my parents, but it was hardly the full thing.... Now, keep in mind, this was being shared over dinner, by Grandpa.

A few months back Grandpa found one night a handful of Elk came down and were eating his hay. They ruined 6 bails of hay. The next morning he called animal control who came and put up large shields for his hay. He left out the 6 damaged bails of hay, knowing the Elk would come back the next night.
The next night, what seemed to be the Entire heard of Elk came down to his yard to enjoy his hay.
The next morning the massive heard was gone but there was one lone Elk left sitting out in his yard. He couldn't quite tell if it was dead, alive or sleeping... So he called animal control to take care of it.
He came home from being out later in the day and it was still there, so he went out and could see it was obviously dead. He then lifted the beast of a thing up using a tractor(?) and drove it over to his barn. He then skinned it. It was very cold that day, like twenty degrees and the poor thing was still steaming. He could tell it hadn't been dead very long at all.
At the point animal control arrived. He asked if he could take the meat since it hadn't been sitting dead very long. The animal control man told him it looked perfectly fine and the animal hadn't died of anything that was spoiling the meat and he would be crazy not to take it. They figured the poor thing had probably starved to death, and it was very cold that night so that was likely to be a factor as well.
After he had all the usable meat he took it in and again called animal control asking what he should do with the carcass. They said they usually take them to the dump where they bury them. Not really wanting to go all the way to the dump... He stuck it in his trailer bed and late that night he drove up the canyon, went a little off roading... Went to the bottom of a very steep hill, opened up the back of his trailer, drove up the hill and let the thing slide out the back of this truck....
Quite the story to say the least.
We will be going over to get our selves, mainly Dave since I don't really like the stuff, jerky.

Any whoo... Happy almost Friday!

Any plans for the weekend?

We are going to see Source Code, paid for by my company. Yay!


  1. First of all Elk meat is sooo good especially an Elk roast secondly that train is like 10-15 min from Shay's house you should have went to visit her. Third where is that antique store?

  2. Ooh an Elk roast. We have some Elk stakes so that will be good... It's at 470 West 600 South
    Salt Lake City, Utah 84101. When are you gonna have your baby!?