Mother's Day

I feel like this was forever ago, but I am finally posting.
We had a little BBQ. I wish the weather was not so wishy washy and would just stay nice! But on that day it was nice luckily for us!

Here are some of the first pictures I took with my new lens! Yay me!

Also! Check out my latest photo sessions! I did some adorable senior pictures last week and some Stunning engagement photos Saturday. Stunning!
Macyn and James ~ Engaged

Check out the Anome Photo Blog to see the full posts!

Also! As many of you may know, my mom has recently e-published, two, soon to be three books!
For those of you who are not familiar, e-books are a ever growing, pretty awesome way to get and read books at home and on the go.
There are a handful of different devices that allow you to read e-books. My mother's book is currently published on Amazon's Kindle, and Barnes and Nobles Nook.
You can also download Kindle and Nook apps for free on iPad's, iPhone's and iPod touches for free as well.
You can also download Kindle onto your computer and read books through their program for free. Download here.

I have an iPhone and use the Kindle app.

It's really awesome as you have access to so much, in the palm of your hand!

"Holds Over 3,500 Books
The ultimate travel companion, Kindle weighs 8.5 ounces and holds up to 3,500 books. No longer pick and choose which books fit in your carry-on. You can always have your entire Kindle library with you"

I also love how many Free, yes, free books you have access to. I have over 60 books through my Kindle app, and only two of which I have payed for!
To list a few... Alice in Wonderland, Around the World in 80 Days, Beauty and the Beast, Dracula, The Jungle Book, Moby Dick, The Odyssey, Sleeping Beauty...
Dave and I both would rather have nice leather bound copies of any book, but one, we don't have the money to build a grand library, and even if we did, we don't have the space for it now. This give us the ability to read great classics, without the price tag!
Additionally, even the books that are available for purchase are considerably cheaper then an actual copy of the book. For example, I have been curious to read Water for Elephants. The paperback version is $8.79. The Kindle version is $4.17. About 50% off. And for poor newly weds, the cheaper, the better.

My mom currently has two books published. Her first, Fateful,

"A huge fan of Jane Austen, Danielle hopes to find her own Mr. Darcy when she leaves Colorado to attend art school in London. Of course she knows it’s silly to wish for that, naive even. But she’s met enough males who lacked respect for women, a growing trend it seemed. And at nineteen...well.... However, on only her second night there she gets lost and is threatened by a stalker who proves to be immune to her martial arts training. Before she is completely overpowered, she is then saved by Ethan Deveroux.

While Danielle does find the romance she seeks in Ethan, he’s no Mr. Darcy. Her hero is held by a spell which fractures their chance at a happy ending. During the day Ethan is closer to mortal than immortal and can date her like any other man. Yet, as the sun sets, the powerful magic of an ancient curse returns and the evil of that spell is revealed. When that magic begins, Danielle's fairytale romance ends because Ethan Deveroux is a vampire.

This book is very well written with lovable, relateable characters. The book is an easy read with an interesting plot and an exciting twist! (And I am not talking about the fact that the love interest is a vampire).
The story is full of details and description and plenty of fantastic "one liners".
Many have argued that the book is too much like Twilight, but in all reality, you will find common traits with any vampire romance novel. (Meyer's idea of sexy vampires was not original and if you think it was, please read more books).
All in all Fateful is a very good, clean read for any age and I highly recommended it.
She is soon to be publishing the sequel to this book in the next few weeks.

Also currently available, Fair Maiden,

"It's the Victorian era in England, but Tessa is from the medieval past. She awakens within a castle she has never seen before. Knowledge of her name also evades her. However, even worse than not knowing who or where she is, she cannot recall how she died or why she is dressed as a bride.

Along with Christian, the earl of the castle she haunts, Tessa tries to discover who she is and break the spell holding her in a prison of death. They never imagined the curse keeping them apart is the only thing protecting her, until it's too late."

I have not fully read this book, but also a good read!

If you have read her books, please write a review for her! If you haven't read her books, please do!

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