The Flash Flood of 2011

So on Sunday, while I was busy making my glorious cupcakes, it was raining, raining a lot. And then that rain turned into hail. Lots of large hail.

After dinner we went outside to the commotion of lots of people, and even a firetruck. At this point, the storm had passed, but the damage was quite a headache. Our basement flooded, but it was really nothing compared to many of our poor neighbors.

Three homes had basement windows smashed due to window wells filling with water. Waist-deep sinkholes developed between homes. Any homes with dirt yards, lacking grass had turned into small ponds.

People were digging trenches from backyards out to the road to help the water flow out. Men stood in window wells, passing up buckets of muddy water from basements.

The houses in the subdivision are so close together there is nowhere for the water to go but into the homes.

If you watch this video it shows Ayla, in a blue shirt and red pants, and Dave in a red shirt, and tan cargo shorts.

And all the pics:

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