Virginia ~ Bang, Bang, Bang

I was lucky enough to get to come to Virginia and spend nearly two weeks with my family --- as always, traveling is an adventure.

Due to being ridiculously worried about missing my flight, I arrived at about 2pm for a 5 o' clock flight. Which was then delayed nearly an hour.
Even better yet, due to our flight being over weight we sat on the tarmac for nearly another hour.


Just a little after midnight, I was finally reunited with my family after nearly a year of being apart.

And so the adventure in Virginia began.

As we were walking out of the airport, Megan whispers to me, "Go like this," pointing her hand, gun like, at dad, "Go Bang, Bang, Bang."
"Why?" I ask.
"Just do it. I'll explain after."
Hesitantly, "gun" pointed at Dad, I say, "Bang, Bang, Bang."
Dad then sighs loudly, "Oh that's mean."
My family has a new game where each day they kill each other by pointing a gun shaped hand and saying "Bang, Bang Bang." Whoever is left standing wins at the end of the day. And it's a new game each day.
As they drove to the airport to retrieve me, just as the clock struck Midnight, a new day, my dad "killed" everyone in the car.

Oh the games my family comes up with....

More to come....

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