30 Day Challenge ~ Day 13

Day 13- A letter to someone who has hurt you recently

Not really sure on this one --- No one has really hurt me recently --- and that's a bit of an angry post, and who wants to be angry?

How about a list of pet peeves;

I hate noisy eaters. Chew with your mouth closed for goodness sake. And teach your kids to do the same.
I have quite the case of road rage. 
I dislike driving, but I hate being a passenger since I don't trust anyone's driving.  
I hate a dirty kitchen. A dirty anything really. I really am a perfectionist, but a dirty kitchen is the worst.
I can't stand a dirty microwave.
I can't stand dirty floors. 
I can't stand wearing shoes longer then I need to.
I can't stand people wearing shoes inside the house.
I hate people who are lazy.
I hate people who are inconsiderate.
I hate when unwise people think they can run a company.
I hate crappy landlords.
I hate renting.
I hate politics. 
I hate Provo and Orem.
I hate dealing with the business side of my business.
I hate that I'm such a stress case. All the time.
I hate answering the phone (thanks to my Customer Service job).

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