We all knew this post was going to happen. Just like all other active blogs out there, but I do feel that I need to make my intentions known to help me stick to them. And so I can easily refer back to them when memory fails. 

Are you ready for a novel?

You don't have to read this.

This really is just me venting. 

And venting some more.

Here are some of my many goals for this year.

For this year I want change. Change. Change. Change. I have been feeling so burnt out over everything, cooking, cleaning, working, you name it. I don't want to do any of it. I don't want to do anything. I have been the most Negative Nancy known to mankind. I don't know what my deal is but I'm a grump, all the time, and I hate it. 

And I feel that I need change. Do you know what my day is like, every day? I work from home taking calls as a customer service agent, so I roll out of bed, and start working. In and of it's self it's nice; I don't have to change out of my PJ's, I don't have to put on make up or do my hair, I don't have to commute. I just wake up and start working. I have a lot of freedoms, I can read a book, craft, really do whatever, as long as I am taking calls. Before Christmas I spent my days making paper snowflakes. I made about 50 snowflakes to hang in our windows. Yeah. But despite how truly easy it is, and how laid back it is, I find myself loathing it more and more. I literally wake up in the morning with the thought, I would rather be dead, or in a coma in a hospital then waking up to work right now. Yikes.

Working from home has also made me the biggest hermit in the world. I work 9-5 every day and Dave works 4-9 most days. So I am stuck at home without a car and no where to go. Since I am home so long, all the time, just the chance to go to the grocery store feels like an adventure. 

I know what you are saying, why not find another job? In my heart I know if I found something new, I would be happy, sure, for a time, but it wouldn't last. I would just find something else to hate, something else to dread about my job. Nothing is ever perfect. 
So I stay where I'm at because it pays the bills and is easy. 

But I still want change. So what can I do?

I have started pampering my self in the evenings. See my latest post about it here. And it does help, I feel more relaxed, and taken care of at the end of the day. Very soothing. 

I also want to start crafting more. I plan to start making my own clothes as well as selling clothes and jewelry on Etsy. Yeah, be excited. We are slowly but surly working on redecorating our bedroom. The look we are going for is earthy. 

I want to change my health, like many people do, I want to lose weight, but more importantly I want to be healthy. For a time I considered a vegan or vegetarian diet. I don't eat a lot of meat to begin with, only chicken, red meat actually makes me sick, and I don't eat bacon, eggs or sausage that often. But my biggest "weakness" is dairy products. So I have actually decided to go on a lactose free diet. I will give my self one free day, because let's be honest, I love and enjoy food, with a passion. So if I want ice cream, I will have ice cream. But portion control will be a big focus as well. I want to start shopping and cooking all organically. 

I "ran" for the first time the other night in probably a year. Yeah. Pathetic. I also really want to buy these Yoga videos. I have done a few different types of Yoga videos but these are by far my favorite. They are on Fit TV but we don't have TV right now, and really don't have any plans to get TV, so I'll be buying the DVD's. 

Another serious thing I want to change is our finances. We make decent money. We pay our bills. But we're not wise with our money. We don't save. We have more debt than we should, ya da ya da ya.  Any tips on money management would be great and very appreciated! My goal is just minimum spending and maximum saving.   

Other random resolutions;

Learn how to put on eyeliner
Buy a house, or find a place to rent that's allows pets
Adopt a puppy
Travel at least 3 times, out of state with the hubby, and hopefully out of the country at least one of those times
Go somewhere awesome for my 21st birthday
Cook more unique, gourmet meals
Perfect my alfredo recipe. I think my alfredo is the best of all, but it needs to be a little more thick and more flavorful
Perfect a pizza crust recipe. I have a pretty good one, but I wish it was crispier
We love homemade Gyros -- I just need to find a perfect pita bread recipe
Finish the redecoration of our bedroom by May
Read and write more
I want to do more artful sessions. I'm always looking for willing models!
Take better care of my hair - be more creative in my hair styles
Get a professional mani/pedi

Happy New Years! What are your resolutions?

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  1. Hey girl...I feel ya with the working at home thing. I find I do best when I get dressed and do my makeup, even if no one is going to see me. It makes a world of difference how you feel about yourself. I usually chat on the phone while I work with my sisters or friend, so I don't feel so isolated and lonely. Your bedroom is going to look great! I love your inspiration pics.