Zion 2012

For Spring Break we spent a couple days in Zion. Very fun! I had actually never been, so very fun to see a new part of Utah!

Pics from a crash we passed on our way out. Yikes! It was insanely windy on the drive down. It killed our gas millage!

We left Tuesday morning and made the 5 hour drive down and set up camp. We had tin foil dinners for dinner, those can't be beat! Followed by smores.

There were Lots of squirrels. I loved this little white one whose home was next door.

The next morning we did a couple hikes, first the Emerald Ponds (which weren't really that emerald) and then we took a shot at the Narrows. If you are not familiar with the Narrows you hike for about a mile until you hit a river, and then hike another 8 miles in the river. While we were there it was between 60-65 degrees, so not super hot, but not too cold either. The river was FREEZING. We hiked for maybe half a mile before I gave up. My legs were literally spasming out. I'm sure we were a hoot to see. Here we are, slowly making our way down in shorts and t-shirts, being passed by folks in boots and full on wet suits. Little did we know you could rent suits since it was so cold.

We also learned that it's called Zion not Zions. Which I still can't get over. Is it just me, or have you always been calling it Zions, Zions National Park...?

The next day we packed up and drove around, Springdale and surrounding towns before heading into Kanab in the afternoon. I had bought a Groupon for (I think) $50 for a hotel night. On the outside, the hotel wasn't much, but inside it was super cute, retro and adorable. We hunted down the Only Red Box in Kanab and rented the Adventures of Tin Tin (which we bought as soon as we got home, Watch It!) and Real Steel (can't say no to Hugh Jackman, but the movie was meh, granted, I was half asleep through it). And we headed home the next morning!

Had intended on taking more pics with Mr.Nomey. Fail.

I definitely wish the adventure didn't have to end... Not ready to be home, still.

And here is a little video we made of the trip. It was too big for me to upload in HD but i'll keep trying. For now, here is non HD version.

Zion 2012 from Adria Cavanaugh on Vimeo.

Happy Saturday!  

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  1. Gorgeous photos! And yes, I have been calling it Zions all this time too!