Why Eagle Mountain

As you may or may not know, Dave and I are on the hunt to buy a house. Right now is a killer time to buy. The market is incredibly low, and for those who are in the position to do so, I highly recommend looking into it. We really have no idea when we will be moving in because literally all of the places we are looking at are Short Sales, so the move in time frame is really up in the air.

We are currently living in and plan on buying in Eagle Mountain. Growing up here (I have lived here since I was 7) I really hated it. We were literally one of the First homes out here. There was nothing to do. I remember when the stoplight at Redwood Road was a 4 way stop sign. The closest grocery store was 30 minutes away. It's pretty crazy how much has changed in the past 14 years.

If you have never been out to the Eagle Mountain area, here is an idea of what it's like. You come to Redwood road where we have a Smiths, a Walmart, a few banks, restaurants, gas stations, and you think, this ins't too bad. But you're not there yet. You drive a 10 minute stretch and come to the Ranches. There is a very nice golf course, fairly nice homes, a couple gas stations and independently owned restaurants, and you think, this still isn't too bad. But you're still not there yet.

To get to the City Center you drive through the Ranches, you come to a point between two smalls hills and the homes start getting sparse, and you keep going, and at this point you start thinking, we've gone too far, we must have missed it. But, you listen to your GPS and you drive up a hill and wonder, what more is there? And you come out into another valley and far out in the distance in that valley past empty field after empty field is the City Center. That's where we live.


We probably won't live in the City Center, we will probably live in the Ranches, but I still love it. We lived in Provo for nearly our entire first year of marriage and I hated it every day. I hated everything about it. But living in Eagle Mountain, driving 15 minutes to the closest grocery store I never once think, I hate living here. Ever. I love every bit of it. It's beautiful in the winter when everything is white and frosted. I love it in the spring when the fields are green and sprinkled with pretty purple flours. I love it in late summer and fall when the fields are golden, tall and rolling. I love seeing the stars brighter at night then you can see them any where else. I love it.

At the call center where I work whenever someone calls in we are required to ask them two security questions. A woman called in and I went over her questions, one of which was, what is the name of your favorite place. Her answer? Eagle Mountain. I couldn't help but ask, Eagle Mountain? Where is that? And sure enough, she was talking about Eagle Mountain, Utah. Now this woman was living in Florida, and if movies have taught me anything it's that Florida is a pretty nice place to live. But she went on to explain why EM was her favorite place, she said she had come out to visit some friends and it was far away from everything, very quite, peaceful and beautiful. They sat in their friends house with the windows open, enjoying fresh, clean air. Sure she may be one of few people that would say their favorite place is EM but we are lucky in where we live.

Living in Provo there were many a time where we heard about robberies on our street and even rapings, just blocks from where we were living. You may say, well it's just Provo, how bad could it be? But I never cared, or really dared to go out on run or a walk while living there. But living in EM I never feel fearful of being raped. Correct me if I am wrong, but has someone ever been rapped while on a run out here? I have heard of robberies out here. Maybe once, or twice a year, not once or twice a month.

Now this is just a long post, but I really do love this place and the people in it and I don't think that will ever change. At least I hope not.

The end. 

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