A Little New Decor

So I have bought a few fun pieces of decor I can't help but brag about!

We have bought a few plants, this bamboo here -- we actually bought him at the end of last summer and he has gotten quite tall!

Dave also bought a aloe vera plant and a pretty pink cactus after I spend time taking pics of everything.

Mr. Owl. I found this guy at a store called Gordman's for only $13. He is huge. At least huge compared to all the other little birdies I have. He is maybe 4 inches wide and 6 inches tall. I don't have the perfect place for him right now, but we will be moving here soon and I am sure I'll be able to find the best place for him. 

A few things from the wonderful World Market. I love World Market. If you have not been, do your self a favor and go, or at least check out their website. They have tons of gorgeous affordable decor as well as tasty unique food and gourmet ingredients.

$15 set of 6 wood coasters. So pretty!

$10 jewelry box. So pretty!

And my happiest purchase as of late. This lovely little bench at the foot of our bed. Guess how much that was. Guess!

$60 at Gordman's! Gordman's is off of Bangater at the District. I would say they are like Ross, cheap clothes, furniture, and decor, but a little bit of better quality. Love it!

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