Home Made Lime-Aid

Lime-Aid is a summer staple in our house. We make it at least once a week,  and any BBQ or dinner party we are invited to, we bring it along.

We first discovered Mint Lime-Aid at the oh so loved SLC Farmers market. The atmosphere it's self is awesome, but the food. crafts and art are to die for. Tons of fresh, incredibly priced produce. Last year we bought four HUGE zucchinis for (I think) $1 each. Picture the biggest zucchini you have ever purchased or have grown, and triple it. Also, there is always very yummy kettle corn that you can smell throughout the entire park. Last year we came across a vendor selling Italian food. The couple had thick Italian accents and served us the best Italian sausage we have ever had. Volker's Bakery is one that can't be missed. They serve the yummiest most unique breads, rosemary and Asiago being our faves as well as a few tasty dipping sauces, the pesto and balsamic vinegar being my faves. And not to mention my most recent favorite, Raspberry Honey Butter from Knight Family Honey based out of Lehi. We bought one container, and I went through it within 10 days, by myself.

But one of our very first loves from the Farmers Market was Mint Lime-Aid. Sadly I don't remember the name of the vendor, but they can't be missed. There is always a huge line at their booth. They have 3-5 people shoved into a small booth and they make each drink on the spot, throwing all the ingredients into mason jars, shaking then pouring. So we have started making our own Lime-Aids. We recently have gotten a juicer which makes the Lime-Aid making process much easier. But for those who don't have a juicer here's what you will need;

6 limes
Fruit of your choice (optional, raspberry and strawberries are our faves)
Fresh Mint (normally found near the cilantro)

First zest 3 limes. This adds a lot more flavor. Juice the limes.
Tear mint to help release the flavor.
If using fruit, mash slightly to release flavor.
Add to 4qts of water and add 1 cup of sugar, more depending on how sweet you want it.

Best if you let it set for 12-24 hours as the flavors will combine and become more bold. Serve chilled.

If using a juicer we only use 4 limes.

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